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Mobile phones have got clever. They have embedded themselves into our lives in ways that other technology just can't compare with. Bringing together a phone, contact lists, email, internet, music, videos and gamees, these little devices hold more of our lives than just about anything else we carry around. But with all this technology comes a price and it's not one we often see. Mobile phone service providers have for a long time bundled the price of the phone into the monthly payment so we can now get a 500 phone for free. That's all very nice, but when it comes to replacing a broken, stolen or lost phone and you don't have insurance for smartphones, it's not the sort of money we have readily to hand.

Insurance for smartphones

For just a few pounds a month, you can get complete peace of mind from It's not just insurance for smartphones we do, but all sorts of gadgets and technology you need to protect. is a brand new site specially designed to provide cheap cover for smartphones, laptops, tablets, cameras games machines, GPS, the list goes on and on. Visit today to get an instant online quote and a great price.

Cheap cover for smartphones

Whether it's an LG, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry or a top of the range iPhone, mygadgetbuddy has the cover for you. With options to choose worldwide cover so your phone is protected on your travels, and loss for those mishaps on the bus or in the pub, you'll find all the protection you need. You'll not find cheap cover for smartphones with your mobile contract provider, you need to visit to get the best prices.

After getting a nice piece of technology in your pocket, you don't want to end up having to use an old plain phone when yours goes missing. Or face paying hundreds of pounds just to get back something you got for free in the first place. Don't leave it to chance should the worst happen. Get cover today and take one worry off your mind.